Friday, August 27, 2010

Possessive Suffixes

Here I have prepared a chart of the main Khalani possessive suffixes. This suffixes are used as seen in the example "En taro Adun!" in order to convey possessiveness of the subject and also as common possessives, taroon Arassar my name is Arassar.

-o (masc.)
-im (fem.)
Note that there may be dialect divergencies, but these account for most of the Khalani possessives. It is worth mentioning that there are also left-overs of a very ancient honorific possessive system that used to also indicate the power relationship between speaker and possessor.

You may note that these are used very frequently in greetings, so we have

En tar-o Adun!
for Adun's (masc.) name

but we also have

En harud-im Raszagal
for the memory of (fem.) Raszagal

This is composed of harud memory and the suffix -im for the 3rd person feminine, thus "her memory". Note that -im can either be the 3rd person singular feminine or the common 3rd person plural. It is common for groups of people to use the 3rd person plural suffix as a kind of title, kind of how it is used in "Your Majesty" and such constructions.

The Dark Templars

The Forged (ones)

This is common practice and you will see it pretty oftenly.

Well, this is all for today! If you have any doubts just comment!


  1. En Taro Tassadar my friend!
    Why U abandon Ur Khalani dictionary?
    Im waiting for more to come, hopefully.


  2. More will come, my friend! I'm so sorry I had some trouble with my computer and couldn't keep updating. But now I'm back in action and I have new ideas for the language! So I hope you will keep reading the blog for news on the grammar.

    If you have any questions please ask or e-mail me. Also I would like for all the people reading the blog to suggest new words or verbs that you would like to see next!