Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Khalani phrases page added!

I have just added a new page listing all the Khalani phrases that have been already analyzed on the site. This will be very useful for all readers to find the phrases you wanted to know the meaning in Khalani, or the ones that are curious as to the different phrases that have already been worked. Also to check for a nice new phrase to add to your game, fanfic, life (?) or to taunt enemies with!

I hope you really like it and don't forget to also check the new posts that are already on their way. If you have any comment to make, suggestions or you want to know about a phrase that's not been added please leave a comment. Also if you'd like to make comments or suggestions about the phrases and lexicon already available be free to leave them here.

List of Khalani Phrases

En taro Aiur!