Friday, July 29, 2011

At peace...

In my last post I promised to look into the phrase 'Und lara khar', translated in a Starcraft book-series as "Be at peace!". So as I promised, this is it. First of all the phrase is a wish, used as a farewell greeting between two individuals, but it can be also used with a group.

The first "und" part is a Khalani particle for making a wish, kind of an optative mood or a kind of auxiliary morpheme. Here it is stating "I hope that...", it is followed by "lara khar", this means quite literally "with peace" (Notice that "khar" has already been stated as meaning "peace"). The thing is that the whole phrase literally means "May (you) be with peace", the pronoun is obviated here as the meaning is pretty straightforward from context.

This conjunction, lara, means "with, alongside, next to" and is very similar to other conjunctions in other languages such as Latin "apud". In this case the peace is wished to be "with" or to accompany the person to whom it is wished, and this is how Protoss normally say this expression "with peace", not using "at" as in English but rather "to be with a state of mind", to be "accompanied by peace".

In any case, the full sentence would be;
Und nas lara khar
May you be with peace, i.e. 'Be at peace'
But you could also say, more grammatically;
Und laranas khar
May peace be with you
Notice the subtle difference in meaning and the -nas ending which is the second person singular. All pronouns are appended this way to this particular conjunction. If we were to substitute it for the first person singular (I, me);
Und laranakh khar
May peace be with me
Here the pronoun changes when it is attached to the conjunction, as the other sentence would have been;
Und ankh lara khar
May I be with peace
Of course the verb "to be" is obviated, since there is no such verb in Khalani, so it is understood from the particle "und". This is also applicable as a normal "with" conjunction, thus;
Ankh laranas, Nas laranakh
Me with you, you with me
Or in a sentence;
Und taro laranakh var!
May you honor his name with me!
This is all for today, next time we'll see some more pronouns!

Adun toridas!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New ways of greeting

Lately I've been thinking we don't have that many ways of greeting each other in the Protoss' language, or even also how to say 'farewell'. I would like to propose now some for the followers of the blog according to the growing lexicon we have now.

We are all very well acquainted with such greetings as the famous en taro Adun! or Adun toridas (this specially for Dark Templars), or even also with some also mentioned and re-interpreted in this coherent attempt of the language as taro Adun ruulas. We can now use some of the new following ones:

  • En Aiur. This is the classical "For Aiur", not a lot of mystery there.
  • En var. This is also used in the games "for honor".
  • Var en nas. I'm now coining this one with the meaning "honor for you", it could be used as a farewell also.

Myself I started to use some of the following as well:

  • Taran/Tarum arashad. Which I've translated as "your name be praised!" (with the variation for singular or plural). This I particularly use as a farewell.
  • Terr en nas. Meaning "respect to you".
  • Taran/Tarum varad. "Your name be honored".

So, I hope you enjoy these new greetings and farewells and use them in your games or role-plays. More is about to come soon enough, stay tuned!

 Adun toridas!