Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sorry for the long wait. I am back now and as a special treat we are going to talk about the verb 'to wait' in the language of the Protoss. You may have heard this expression in-game, when uttered by the Dark Templar:
Zerashk gulidas
The meaning of it you may discover using the Lexicon. I have translated it as: Oblivion awaits! which I think is suited for the character.
Zerashk      gul-id-as
Oblivion   wait-DEF-PRES
The verb is in the present and it may also be translated as: 'Oblivion is waiting'. You may notice that as in the case of toridas you need a defining tense suffix -id before the present tense -as. This happens in most of Protoss verbs, and there are only few exceptions which will be later explained.

In fact you can also use zerash as a verb to mean 'forgotten, be forgotten', so you can get a phrase such as:
Khar   zerashad!
peace  be-forgotten
Forget peace!
Used seconds before attacking a nasty foe and destroying an enemy army. I leave you with this for now, and hope to write soon! Don't forget to comment if you have any questions or just want to leave a greeting!

Taro Adun ruulas!


  1. Adun toridas!
    I wandered here and I find this blog amusing. I recently started to have interest in Khalani, as we play a SC-themed RPG with my friends and found this place... You do a great job. I hope you will keep it up.
    Taro ruul asz!

  2. Thanks very much for the support. I hope the language will grow to be speakable and be able to be used among players and fans. I won't make it terribly difficult so all will be able to learn it. I hope you like it and enjoy it! Any more comments will be most welcome :)

  3. i'm writing a fanfic, so....
    but i'm wondering what peace is-forgotten would be,

    and in response to above, ya, that would be awsome.

  4. Well, as stated above, it would mean "forget peace!" as an imperative sentence, check it above.

  5. What about "Neraz Gulio" (Dark Templar in Broodwar) ?
    "Dark Templar awaiting" ? "[I], Dark Templar, await" ?

    1. That particular construction is coming! I have thought about it and gave it a logic. It'll be something close to "Dark Templar is waiting".

      Soon I will post it, along with a lot of new material, grammar and updates! Stay tuned!