Friday, October 29, 2010

Now we have Twitter too!

I've recently created a Twitter account, check it out!/ArassarShelak

Keep in touch, don't miss any news on what's happening with the Khalani Project! I will post new information, update alerts and interesting links, now you can all follow me also in Twitter.

Khas arashad!


  1. You can't believe my happiness when I came across this blog. I hope there's enough data for you to make a really good grammar for what we've got, I've been dreaming out writing little blog entries in Khalani ever since SC1 came out. I volunteer my help (possibly as a contributing writer? or simply data collector) in any way I can to assist this project!

    (quals: ling BA)

  2. Whos Khas any ways? I'm asking because i'm only a terran ghost in training but I plan on helping protoss and knowing their language is pretty much essential

    1. sorry if its EXTREMELY late, and you have found out already, but Khas is the guy from Shelak tribe who found the Khaydarin Crystals left by the Xel'Naga in a cave. He was renamed from Savassan to Khas, which means "He who brings order".


  3. Brent: The pleasure is all mine. I think there's enough material to make a very interesting grammar in its own. I thank you for your most generous offer, and of course would be glad to add your efforts to this blog, send me an e-mail and we'll keep in touch, you could be of great assistance as data collector and all, so I'll be waiting to read from you, my friend!

    François: Khas was a prominent figure in Protoss history, I'm sure you can find lots of information about him. I'm glad to hear your eager to learn and help! Be welcome!