Friday, October 29, 2010

Now we have Twitter too!

I've recently created a Twitter account, check it out!/ArassarShelak

Keep in touch, don't miss any news on what's happening with the Khalani Project! I will post new information, update alerts and interesting links, now you can all follow me also in Twitter.

Khas arashad!


  1. You can't believe my happiness when I came across this blog. I hope there's enough data for you to make a really good grammar for what we've got, I've been dreaming out writing little blog entries in Khalani ever since SC1 came out. I volunteer my help (possibly as a contributing writer? or simply data collector) in any way I can to assist this project!

    (quals: ling BA)

  2. Whos Khas any ways? I'm asking because i'm only a terran ghost in training but I plan on helping protoss and knowing their language is pretty much essential

  3. Brent: The pleasure is all mine. I think there's enough material to make a very interesting grammar in its own. I thank you for your most generous offer, and of course would be glad to add your efforts to this blog, send me an e-mail and we'll keep in touch, you could be of great assistance as data collector and all, so I'll be waiting to read from you, my friend!

    François: Khas was a prominent figure in Protoss history, I'm sure you can find lots of information about him. I'm glad to hear your eager to learn and help! Be welcome!