Monday, August 16, 2010


Welcome to this newly formed blog about the Khalani, the Protoss' language as depicted in the StarCraft series of games and novels.

For the most part I will assume the figure of Arassar, Protoss grammarian of the Shelak tribe. I have considered all available canon to make this project possible, and also combined some knowledge on different not-so-common Earth languages or at least not-that-popular languages, which I thought could share some features with Khalani. I thank deeply the StarCraft Wiki for compiling various StarCraft phrases and sentences, and bid you pay a visit there if you are interested in a thorough retelling of Protoss history and culture.

This project is meant to be pure entertainment an unofficial (yet) and unfunded imagining of how the Protoss' language could have been and also to be able to express in the language for fans of this noble alien race, as well as for those curious who wonder what the phrases in the game could possibly mean. I hope this comes to be enjoyed by all who like StarCraft series and enjoy language creation, to them

Adun toridas!
/a'dun 'tÉ”ridas/ 
May Adun give refuge!


  1. En taro Tassadar!

    I'd like to say thanks first of all, for this is, probably, the best example of protoss language structure analysis I've ever seen.

    And I would like to ask your permission to translate some of your work for Russian fan community. :) If you agree, it will be done with all the links and copyrights, sure thing.

    And probably I can offer you some help as well, as I know quite a lot of languages with very different basics and background. So maybe it might be useful.

    Thank you again, in any case :)

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words and huge support. Of course I would love for you to translate it to Russian. In fact, I would like for you to send me the links and everything so I could add a section of "this page in other languages". Also if you have any question translating the page, just ask me and I will help. My mail is already here, arassar.shelak at

  3. Well, in general you can just refer to

    So, as you have permitted, I am just opening page to everyone. It might contain some of my own thoughts as well but I think we can share them as well :)

    I've made once a huge table of unit phrases translations so if by any chance that might be a bit helpful feel free to use :)
    (don't look at the third column - that's russian voiceover)

  4. There is no problem in you redirecting to me, as long as you mention my name and blog there, that's all I ask. It's good to have your help and I'll check the translations you suggest to see what we can make of them, of course I will name you too.

    Thanks for the great help and hope to see you around. How are you liking the grammar I posted so far?

  5. I have updated this page with proper spelling taken from MPQ archives of SC2 :)

    Translations come from the same source actually so they are reliable.

    And about grammar - this all sounds logical yet and I'm happy that there is someone who works on this at all.

  6. Thanks for your praise, also nice work with the quotes. I would like to check them in detail. In fact, would you so kind as to send me an e-mail?

    Please do so, or tell me your e-mail address, I wish to discuss some matters with you :)

  7. Feel free to write me - :)