Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More activity on its way

I would like to assure all followers and readers that the blog is still active as ever. True, it's been a little slow due to personal activities and duties, but that will not tamper the project which will continue until it is complete.

I thank all who sent me e-mails with support and asking if the blog is still active. Let me reassure you that it is and will be active and I hope to read more of your comments and mails, which I am very much looking forward to. Thanks also for all the kind words of encouragement and to all readers.

I'm cooking up the verbal system, had to revise sketches and that prompted some new ideas. I was careful enough not to post anything that would disrupt what's already posted or would contradict material from dialogues, for this I must be totally wary. Also pronouns had to be re-examined and some nouns, but the verbal system will soon be finished as long with some fresh translations.

I hope you all keep an eye on the blog for what's about to come, and thank you all again for your support.

Und Khas nas ruulidas!


  1. Thanks a lot for your work! BTW, as a new learner, where can I learn the correct pronunciation please?

    1. Welcome! I think you will find what you seek in the introduction section and the first posts. Also in the Lexicon you have the IPA values for each word.